Recently, Li Jianwei, an employee of the testing center of Tangshan Black Cat Company, was operated on in the General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University for cerebellar artery malformation. Because of his serious condition, long operation time and long bed rest, Li Jianwei has severe lung infection after operation. Now he can only rely on ventilator to maintain his life. The catastrophe that highlighted it was unbearable for families who were not well off.

After the leaders of Tangshan Black Cat Company heard about this situation, the branch discussed and decided that the trade union would take the lead in initiating a charity fund-raising campaign, calling on all employees to lend a helping hand to Li Jianwei, who was in trouble, and to support patients to fight the disease with practical actions. In three days, the company leader took the lead in giving donations, and all the staff responded warmly. Eventually, nearly 10,000 yuan of charitable donations were collected. On December 25, the Deputy Secretary of the Party branch, Cha Xiaolin, and other leaders sent donations to Li Jianwei’s home with the concern and greetings of all the staff. They also carefully inquired with their families about their illness and hospitalization. They encouraged their families to maintain a good attitude, actively cooperate with the treatment and overcome difficulties. They wished her an early recovery. The family of Li Jianwei was deeply moved by the company’s care. They expressed their heartfelt thanks to all the staff for their sympathy and concern.

All along, Tangshan Black Cat Company always adheres to people-oriented, the staff cold and warm in mind, think of the staff’s thoughts, urgent staff’s urgency, to solve the staff’s worries and difficulties, with sincere and sincere care to the staff side, warm to the staff’s heart. “Tangshan Black Cat Family, dedicate love to the staff in need.” Let’s wish Li Jianwei an early recovery, return to work, and continue to contribute to the company’s development with you!

Tangshan Black Cat Company: Li Lin