We are delighted with the arrival of the first snow in 2018. Overnight white ground, snow has accumulated a thick layer, but overnight snow makes the entire factory pavement wet and slippery, road difficult, in order to create a safe and convenient working environment for workers, while eliminating potential safety hazards. At 8:40 a.m. on January 4, Vice General Manager Wan Xuanrong and General Production Assistant Zhu Hanyu took the lead in organizing all cadres, staff and all Party members to eradicate ice and snow.

On the snow clearing site, everyone was very enthusiastic and carried forward the spirit of not afraid of hardship and not afraid of tiredness. They picked up brooms, shovels, a little sweeping, shovels and shovels one after another. Even female colleagues were unwilling to show weakness. One person could not push them. On both sides, the hot and dry weather was very exciting. The busy figure in front of the whole office building formed a beautiful scenery line. Although the weather is colder, the enthusiasm for work and the strength of unity make this winter day especially warm. After two hours of concerted efforts, the snow in front of the office building and the main road was thoroughly cleared, which ensured the smooth and safe roads and facilitated the normal travel of employees.

This snow-shoveling event truly interprets the strength of the collective force, strengthens the cohesion among colleagues, and also demonstrates our black cat people love factories such as home, solidarity and cooperation, selfless dedication. As the saying goes, in the year of Ruixue Zhaofeng, in 2018, the performance of Hancheng Black Cat will surely flourish and reach a new high.


Hancheng Black Cat

4 January 2018