On August 31, Wei Mingzhi, general manager of Black Cat Co., Ltd., was accompanied by Mei Jing, Deputy Secretary of the Party General Branch of Black Cat Co., Ltd., and You Qi, chairman of Handan Black Cat Co., Ltd.

First of all, General Wei and his delegation exchanged in-depth with Xiao Hugen, General Manager of Handan Black Cat. General Xiao made a summary report to the leaders on the recent development of middle-level personnel in the company. General Wei cared about the training of local cadres and made a detailed understanding of the work trends of relevant personnel.

In the afternoon, Wei’s delegation and middle-level cadres of Handan Black Cat held a special meeting on talent construction. At the meeting, the tour director first gave a brief account of the recent talent flow and echelon construction of Handan Black Cat. She pointed out that the personnel and salary reform accorded with the current situation of the company’s development. She hoped that the new cadres could inject new ideas and new ideas to make the company develop more innovative points. Subsequently, the middle-level personnel of the company spoke enthusiastically on the issue of talent growth, especially the newly-promoted local cadres summarized their personal growth experience in detail and expressed that they would not fail to live up to the trust of the company leadership and would return the trust of the company leadership with excellent work results.

General Wei made a concluding speech, commented on the speech of the newly-promoted cadres, affirmed the spiritual outlook of the whole cadre team. General Wei frankly said that Handan Black Cat had made positive efforts in the construction of talent echelon, made a good talent reserve for the company’s stability and long-term development, and was ready to take Handan Black Cat as a pilot unit of training “younger and localized”, hoping that young cadres would grow rapidly. The veteran cadres should play the role of “passing on, helping and leading”, and then General Wei demanded that middle-level cadres should closely unite around General Xiao to do a better job in Handan.

Finally, Xiao Hugen, general manager of Handan Black Cat, said that under the correct leadership of the joint stock company, all cadres and staff of the company will fully carry forward the spirit of “seeking truth, pragmatism, unity and cooperation” and move towards a higher goal.