On the afternoon of September 2, Wang Yao, Secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the Group, and his party members, Secretary of Discipline Commission Zhang Zhiliang, Vice General Manager Hu Jianhua, Vice Minister of Group Management Zhou Wei, accompanied by Tong Dehua, General Manager of Hancheng Black Cat and middle-level cadres of the company.

Chairman Wang and his team first came to the basketball court and watched the performance of Hancheng Black Cat Prestige Drum Team. In the burst of drums of Hancheng’s drums, the camp around the pole and the camp of gongs and drums echo each other, and the drums become more and more fierce, just like the rivers of the Yellow River, and the Hancheng Black Cat’s prestigious gongs and drums team welcomes the arrival of the group leaders in a unique way. After watching, Chairman Wang said that the gongs and drums of Hancheng Black Cat were beating more and more vigorously, which aroused people’s excitement and excitement. He hoped that the gongs and drums team would strengthen their training and go out of Hancheng, Shaanxi and Jingdezhen to participate in the porcelain exposition in October this year. He represented the black cat shares and Jingjiao Group to inspire different morale and fighting spirit.

After watching gongs and drums, Chairman Wang and his team went deep into the carbon black production line, packing room, finished product warehouse and other research. First of all, we gave full affirmation to our work. We hope that we will continue to strengthen on-site management and constantly improve the management level.

Finally, at the research symposium held in the conference room on the second floor, Chairman Wang put forward four requirements and expectations for us: first, we should work hard and continue to focus on environmental protection; second, we should continue to improve as benchmarking enterprises, focusing on “running errors” and environmental protection and safety work; third, foreign subsidiaries should focus on training localized and young cadres; fourth, we should adhere to the state-owned enterprises. The leadership of the Industrial Party and the construction of a clean and honest Party conduct set an example in caring for front-line employees.