On October 18, following the opening of the Porcelain Fair, Black Cat held a symposium on international development at 3:00 p.m. Zhu Zhengyu, Chairman of Shuangqian Tire Group, Che Baozhen, Chairman of Pulin Chengshan Tire Company, Li Xiaoyun, General Manager of Wanli Tire Co., Ltd., Wang Feng, Vice President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Kang Suxian, Vice Secretary of CPC Committee of Zhongse Rubber Group, Chairman of Trade Union, Purchasing Director of China Chemical Rubber Co., Ltd., Pu Zhangguo, Yu Xiufeng, Qing, Purchasing Director of Jiangsu General Technology Co., Ltd. Leaders from key customers of Shidao Shuangxing Chemical Materials Purchasing Co., Ltd. Xu Bing, Purchasing Director of Hantai Tire Co., Ltd. and Jin Tingtai, Purchasing Minister of Hantai Tire Co., Ltd. were invited to attend the meeting. Li Baoquan, General Manager of the Group, Wei Ming, General Manager of Black Cat, Zhou Zhining, Executive Vice-President and Yang Lin, Vice-President of Sales, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Li Baoquan, general manager of the group, welcomed all the leaders and guests who attended the meeting and expressed sincere thanks to Dalian for his long-term support for the development of Black Cat shares. Subsequently, General Li introduced the situation of the 15th China Expo, Jingdezhen Ceramic Cultural Characteristics, Jingjiao Group and the development of Black Cat Shares to the leaders at the meeting.

Wang Feng, Vice President of Beijing University of Chemical Technology, introduced the production, teaching and research of Beihua, and said that after the establishment of the joint research and development center of Black Cat and Beihua’s advanced carbon-based nanomaterials, Beihua’s R&D team will make every effort to carry out the technical cooperation between the two sides, complete the enterprise R&D tasks formulated every year, and promote the stock of Black Cat to achieve technological upgrading.

Wei Ming, general manager of the company, introduced in detail the future development strategy of Black Cat Stock, namely, the differential development and international development. On the one hand, through the cooperation with universities and research institutes, as well as the continuous improvement of enterprise expert committees, we can achieve product upgrading and enterprise innovation and development driven by scientific research and innovation. On the other hand, through global research and program demonstration, we will form a specific implementation plan as soon as possible, implement the output of black cat production capacity, and improve the global layout. At the meeting, Mr. Wei introduced the current output direction and specific export plan of black cats to the leaders at the meeting, and sought relevant suggestions from the leaders at the meeting.

Zhu Zhengyu, Chairman of Dual-money Tire Board, Che Baozhen, Chairman of Pulin Chengshan Board, Li Xiaoyun, General Manager of Wanli Tire, Vice Secretary of CPC Central Strategy Rubber Committee and Chairman of Trade Union Kang Suxian expressed support and approval for the company’s internationalization development strategy. Based on the actual situation of their enterprises, valuable suggestions were put forward on the overseas export of Black Cat’s production capacity.

After the meeting, the leaders of the conference jointly watched the program “Majestic Drum and Gong” performed by Hancheng Black Cat Drum and Gong Team outside the auditorium of the Amethyst Hotel.