The first rays of the morning sun arising slowly opened a flourishing age. In 2001, Jiangxi Blackcat Carbon Black Inc., Ltd., under glorious mission and great expectations, emerged as the times require in Jingdezhen, a porcelain city of China.

So far, Blackcat Inc. has basically completed its domestic industry layout of the main coal coking source sites with the annual production capacity of over 1,000,000 tons.

Blackcat Carbon Black Inc. has devoted to constant innovation. In the past 20 years, the annual production of carbon black has been increased from 8000 tons to over 1 million tons, as a result, Blackcat Inc. has become a classical legend of the industry development. Blackcat Inc. will consistently build black cat brands to enhance its core competence.

Jiangxi Blackcat Carbon Black Inc., Ltd.(Stock code 002068) is a professional CB production company. In 2015 the annual capacity of CB was over one million tons with the sales income hitting 6.1 billion RMB. Presently, Blackcat Inc. has invested and operated 8 production bases throughout the country, Jiangxi Blackcat, Hancheng Blackcat, Chaoyang Blackcat, Wuhai Blackcat, Handan Blackcat, Taiyuan Blackcat, Tangshan Blackcat and Jining Blackcat. In terms of output and sales, Blackcat Inc. tops the list of all cabon black factories in Chinese mainland for several consecutive years up to 2016.

Blackcat Inc. has a clear global strategic objective to “establish BLACKCAT’s credit in world market, build up BLACKCAT a first-class carbon black manufacturer” and Blackcat Inc. will certainly become a global performance company in the course of attaining the goal!

The company has sophisticated industrial system, professional scientific research personnel and advanced testing equipment. With strict and supporting products production management and quality guarantee system, Blackcat Inc. has passed the ISO14001 EMS Certification,GB/T28001 OHSMS Certification and TS 16949 (for the design and production of CB used for automobile tires & silica). Its testing center has passed the National Laboratory Accreditation and got Laboratory Accreditation Certificate. The whole process of one-stop testing procedure entitles the carbon black product of Blackcat Inc. to become the guarantee of industry confidence.

Every good ending is often the result of a long and difficult process. Environmental protection prospers the enterprise. Blackcat Inc. is dedicated to realize building leading efficiency, conservation of resources, and environmental friendly first-class enterprise group. Faced with domestic growing requirements for environment, Blackcat Inc. continuously improves the carbon black production technology and equipment, and reduces the production energy consumption. Besides, Blackcat Inc. is equipped with the construction of desulfurization and denitration sewage treatment to achieve national emisson standards. Blackcat Inc. took the lead in changing into a company of high technicalization, energy saving and environmental protection, becoming the model of recycling and energy conservation. The company was awarded the title of “Pace-setter of Energy Efficiency Bench marking Enterprise” by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation in 2012&2013. In 2016, Blackcat Inc. was in the list of the first national champion-cultivating model manufacturing enterprises.