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The Registered Trade Mark for carbon-black.
The Material & Standard of Package
1、The soft packages, which were made of PP material, commonly we provide 500Kg per pack, 800Kg per pack, and 1000Kg per pack.
2、The packages of 25Kg, which were made of PP material or Kraft papers, could be transported in bulk, we also could transport a bracket which contained 1000Kg with protective films covered, which we called tons coating transport.
Grainy black amorphous solids, odorless, specific weight 1.82, burning point beyond 400℃, water insoluble, non-poisonous, stable chemical property.
The Perniciousness of carbon-black.
Nonflammable, explosibility, corrosive, toxicant, radioactive, oxidizability and dangerous nature.
 Production standards.
The Blackcat Corporation Limited by Shares focuses on customers, in the aim of meeting clients’ demands; we can produce based solely on clients’ standards. And special specifications on quality were acceptable.
We strictly fulfill the National Standard GB3778-2003 to produce rubber used carbon-black, and fulfill the Standard ASTM for the export products if our clients provided no standards.
Mainly use.
The Strengthening agents and the filling agents for rubber products.
(1)   Mainly Use: Cord layer of tires, inner tubes, bicycle tires, rubber tubes, rubber tapes, cable ropes, shoes kind, and patterns.
(2)   Functions: N660 fits for all kinds of rubber. Compared with half-reinforcing carbon-black, N660 has more complicated structure, smaller particles, and higher disperstiveness. The tensile strength, the tear resistance, and the tensile stress at a given elongation of vulcanized rubber are very high. Deformed little, heat rise slowly, well elasticity and good flex resistance, but the tensile stretch is low.

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